Horrific devastation in the Costa Calida area caused by the local Gota Fria

Mon Sep 16, 2019

The Spanish Government has been called upon for financial aid following the devastating damage that the Gota Fria did within the Alicante region and Murcia provinces.

The drowning of people, flooding, landslides in towns and cities and the Army and emergency services were called in to help during the biggest storm since 1917.

The Mayors of both Dolores in Alicante province and in Los Alcazares personally announced the situation to the inhabitants – after the destruction the Gota Fria caused – just two of the towns severely affected.

The Gota Fria arrived on Thursday and continued until Saturday morning – with a “Boomerang” effect seeing the return of heavy storms hitting.

People were told not to travel in their cars, as floods throughout many areas are unpassable with roads remaining closed on Saturday. Even the new Corvera airport was closed on Saturday with flights either cancelled or diverted to Alicante.

Local centres have been designated in Los Alcazares to receive donations as follows:

Cleaning products: Volunteers Centre on thh ground floor of the council offices: opening hours: 09.00 to 21.00: Tel. 627 916 891

Food and water: Central Integral de Seguridad, Avenida de la Libertad:  open 24 hours: Tel. 968 171 919

Necessities: blankets, beds, kitchen equipment and personal hygiene products: Nave Travelpym, Calle Severo Ochoa (next to Bar Casa Pedro): opening hours 09.00 to 21.00

Unperishable foods: Nave Travelpym, Calle Severo Ochoa (next to Bar Casa Pedro): opening hours 09.00 to 21.00

Anybody wishing to volunteer to help in any way can contact officials on 627 916 891

Needless to say here at Marena Murray Property we have been inspecting properties and reporting any issues to our owners. 

Local collection points should be set up very soon for all items outlined above and we will publish these when known. Any furniture and clothing items are also needed for those who have lost everything in the flooding.