Essential walks #1 - from La Manga Club to the Bateria de Cenizas

Fri Apr 28, 2017

For any of our guests who enjoy walking, no stay at La Manga Club would be complete without a walk up to the Bateria de Cenizas. An impressive gun battery built to defend the strategically important naval and commercial port of Cartagena, indeed it has been heavily fortified since Roman times. The Bateria de Cenizas consists of a pair of impressive British built Vickers and Armstrong 38.1 cm guns that were used to protect the approches to Cartagena in more recent times.

This 3km walk uphill through rugged pathways flanked by Mediterranean trees, rocks and shrubbery will rewarded you with the most amazing views not only of La Manga Club but all the way across to Calblanque National Parkand Portman Bay -it is truly spectacular.

View from the Bateria

The breathtaking views from the Bateria de Cenzia

The path is fairly easy but it is a steady climb all the way and takes about 40 minutes to reach the Bateria de Cenzia. Sensible walking footwear is advisable and as there are no facilities, it is deffinitely a good idea to take water with you.

It is a walk that can be enjoyed at any time of year but we find that it is most enjoyed in the springtime, after the winter rains, when the land is bursting with flowers and greenery.

The Marena Murray Team